Mechanical Techno timeline

Modified records, studio test, June 2009

Music by the Metre demo video, June 2012

Vinyl Destruction workshop, November 2013

First Mechanical Techno studio test, January 2014

First live set using drum triggers, February 2014

First complete mechanical techno set, March 2014

Automatic Cowbell, May 2014

Live set with one complete build, September 2014

Machines Room Residency, September 2015
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Mechanical Techno Demonstration
Video made with Michael Forrest

Polyrhthym / drone live set with prime-numbers, November 2015


First CCTV Camera Tests, Feb 2016

Mechanical Techno for Boiler Room, July 2016 – full live set with two builds, plus live cameras.

Optical Synth Trigger demo (made by Tom Richards), July 2018

First live set using TidalCycles (live coding programme) together with Mechanical Techno, July 2018

Live Code & Mechanical Techno full set, August 2019

Live Code & Mechanical Techno full set, with code, September 2019







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