Field Tracing

Video (30’54”), five channel audio, four tracing styluses and a rope.

Reading about the idea of the Edison Defect – the first introduction of surface noise in recorded sound1 – I conducted an experiment to take an audio tracing of a space using large handheld styluses made from four different materials.

I walked in an anticlockwise spiral guided by a rope tied to a central point. The circle was scaled up to 25m from a normal shellac disk’s 25cm. I walked each tracing for 30 minutes, scaled up from the normal approximate 3 minutes. Each tracing was recorded with video, microphone audio and via a contact mic on the stylus.

The work was exhibited as a video split into quarters – one for each of the tracings. A speaker in each corner played back the sound of one tracing. A central speaker played a layered recording of the sound in the field. Accompanying the video were the styluses mounted on the wall, with the rope and the bar used as the pivot.

Made during a residency for Global Forest 2017 at Sankt Georgen im Schwartzwald, Germany.

– Global Forest 2017 at Sankt Georgen im Schwartzwald, Germany.

Photos below show making process – thanks to Sascha Brosamer for the outdoor shots.

1. Drew Hemment : Affect and Individuation in Popular Electronic Music, in Ian Buchanan and Marcel Swiboda (eds): Deleuze and Music, Edinburgh University Press, 2004

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